When you purchase a pup from us we will help you find the best training plan for you and pup. Our customers often inquire about our training process. We are available to coach you through the basics over the phone or use our trainers. We have a small 7 acre acreage for our kennel and 39 acres next to us for training. We live on the largest lake in Iowa which provides over 8,000 acres for training.

Below is a brief description of Clicker training which is the best way to introduce your pup to training. We will go over this with you before you receive your new pup. This is very important.

We hope to provide a puppy that the owner would be able to put a Certified Pointer title on the dog without assistance from a trainer. This requires great genetics and good basic training which both can be provided from Iowa Pointing Labs.

If you decide on a professional trainer be very careful. We also can guide you in the right direction, even our way.

We have 2 trainers that do work for us and we recommend to our customers. Jay at Royal Ridge Retrievers who does the junior dog training. Rick with Red Rock Retrievers who focuses on master level training. Those two trainers are a seperate enity but we recommend them after the the Headstart Program. If you want to hire them for there services we can set you up with them. Jay and Rick have both put on master titles on dogs.

Clicker Training

The Clicker What is a clicker ?
A clicker is a training device that makes a sound which the dog learns to associate with food.

How does it work ?
The dog learns to associate the sound of the clicker with what they are doing at the moment they heard the click. Since they already know that the click means food is coming, they repeat the behavior to get the reward. The clicker replaces your voice to more accurately identify what your dog is doing right at the moment he is doing it. Absence of a click tells your dog he is off track and should try again. The clicker acts like a snapshot of the dog's behavior and allows the handler to work at a distance from the dog.

Why use a clicker to train your dog ?

  • it's more accurate than verbal praise
  • you can work at a distance from the animal
  • it removes food from the immediate picture (helps for dogs that get distracted easily by the presence of food )
  • it gets the dog to think on it's own ( the dog has to figure out how to make you click, which increases his focus on you ).

Where can you use it ?

.  sit command

.  hear command

.  fetch command

These are just a few to get started. The key to the clicker for the Labrador is you rarely take the desire or momentum out of the puppy. The punishment is not getting the treat or click. Positive training for puppies while teaching a behavior is the only way at Iowa Pointing Labs
For materials to help you train your pointing Lab, we have a few recommendations:

We offer free assistance at our kennel or over the phone to all people. Please contact us today if you need help or have questions.

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