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The Different Types of Hunting Dogs

There are many different breeds of dogs that make good hunters. They are broadly classified into 4 main categories. These are bird dogs, general hunting dogs, retrievers and dogs that fit into more than one of these categories. Humans have used dogs for hunting for centuries now. Here are some breeds of dogs that are most commonly used for hunting.

The different types of hunting dogs include:

Why choose a Labrador Retriever?

Not only is the Labrador Retriever a people lover, but a lab is also very intelligent and has a desire to love people. They have been used for dog sniffing, search and rescue, and as seeing-eye dogs for many years. They are easy to train, good natured, and love to serve. Some make great hunting companions which comes from a proper breeding.

Things to Know when Buying a Dog Online

The Internet has paved the way for some strange things. You can pretty much buy anything that you need through the Internet these days, and the term “online” has gone mainstream and used everyday. The fact that you can buy a fighter jet off of Ebay should serve as the very real fact that buying dogs online is no surprise.

Why Labs Make Such Great Hunting Dogs

As you are probably aware, there are many different types of Labradors to choose from when hunting a dog. While there are many that do amazing jobs in the field, not many compare to a pointing lab when it comes to hunting, especially in water fowl hunting. That is why it is up to you to make sure that you are choosing wisely when finding a new pet or hunting dog.

Why Own a Hunting Dog?

You may have been hunting all of your life, with or without a hunting dog by your side. Here at Iowa Pointing Labs, we sell the best Pointing Labs in the industry, and we are proud of the work we do for our customers. That’s why we are firm believers of having a good hunting dog by your side when going out to hunt game.

First Week Puppy Training

Once you make the decision of adding a new member of your family in the form of cute, brand new, puppy, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in the form of training and making sure you’re raising your new puppy right. The last thing you want is to have your puppy growing up undisciplined and not listening to demands. When training your new pup, the first week of the puppy’s new life is very important and can set the standard for subsequent training measures.

Differences Between an American and an English Lab

As you may know, there are some distinct differences between an American Labrador Retriever and an English Labrador Retriever. Other than being two different breeds of labs, these dogs also show a difference in temperament and physical appearance.

Proper Care for your New Labrador Puppy

So you just brought home a brand new lab puppy for the family. This cute little bundle of joy is sure to bring you many years of happiness and companionship. We know that you won’t fall short in giving the pup the love he or she deserves, but you may be lacking in the area of expertise in raising your new member of the family.

We have provided some basic tips that you can follow when first caring for your new lab puppy.

The Advantages of Labs

If you’re interested in purchasing a new pup for either yourself or the family, you’re probably spending a lot of time looking at different dog breeds and breeders. To make your choice, you’re probably also doing quite a bit of research to find the right breed for you and your family.

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