Professional Labrador breeders in Iowa that specialize and focus only on breeding high performance pointing and retrieving labradors for the home and field. Most of our Labrador pets have passed a number of hunting tests and field trials to prove they're  the highest quality of pointing Labrador Retrievers. We're the only pointing lab breeder in the country that is endorsed by Orvis and require titles for the sire before a breeding will take place. We are located in upland bird country, the heartland of Iowa only 40 miles south of Des Moines, next to Lake Red Rock. We have over 35 years of experience hunting with Labrador Retrievers, breeding, and performing hunt tests and field trials in the APLA and AKC. We produced the youngest 4XGMPR in the history of the APLA!  Our comprehensive breeding program is designed to produce a very intelligent pet for the home that is easy to train and will perform at the highest level for companionship, hunting and pointing birds. We do business Monday through Saturday only. WE DO NO BUSINESS ON SUNDAY. We worship Jesus Christ at a Christian church and value this with high regard. Thank you so much for your understanding.

What Iowa Pointing Labs Offers

Iowa Pointing Labs offers breeding services from the finest bred pointing labs in the country. We spend time with our customers to inform you of the different titles, explain what they mean, and why they are so very important when purchasing a pointing lab. We hope to help you in the training process with pointing labs at our facility or other options that we have. We currently own thirty three pointing and retrieving Labradors, four GMPR's as well as one of the finest MH GMPR stud dogs in the country that actually compete's in AKC field trials. Our breeding males and females have OFA cert for the hips and eye certification also. No effected EIC dogs in the breeding program. We have extremely healthy Labradors.

Looking at our breeding pointing labs, they have GMPR or Field Champion titles to outstanding National Field Champion titles in the sire or dam of the litter we’re selling pups from. We breed our pointing labs in the state of Iowa with the goal of producing a better pointing lab puppy through a well thought out breeding plan. Most customers make the comment that they have never own a pet that is so smart. Smart dogs are easy to train for the home and field.

We're so confident in our point Labrador puppies that we offer an unconditional guarantee for 26 months for complete customer satisfaction.  Please give us a call about certain litters or professional trainers. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will happily point you in the right direction.

We have shipped pointing lab puppies from Iowa to the east and west coast with 100% success.

In 2012 we have 4 GMPR stud dogs for our breeding program and over 10 CP titled females. We go through several dogs until we find a dog that meets our standard to breed. This brings a level of breeding standard second to none. What we do in a year it takes most breeders a life time to accomplished.

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