Professional American and British Labrador trainers and breeder located in Iowa. We have a full-time business that  focuses only on training and breeding phenomenal Labrador companions for the home. They also are high-performance pointing/retrieving Labradors for the field second. Our Labrador companions have passed a number of hunting tests to prove they are of the highest quality. We’re Pointing Lab trainers and breeders that have been endorsed by Orvis for a long time and this is all we do. This isn’t a part-time business. We have over 35 years of experience hunting with Labrador retrievers, breeding, and performing hunt tests and field trials in the NAHRA,  APLA and AKC. Our comprehensive breeding program is designed to produce a very intelligent companion for the home. Making them easy to train and perform at the highest level in the home and hunting/pointing and retrieving birds. We also own and operate Duckwing Kennels which specializes in British Labradors, some come out and see the difference between American and British Labradors. We focus on six traits in our dogs:

1. Companionship—with a strong desire to please for the children and families.

2. Strong desire to hunt—such as quartering systematically and aggressively hunting a field, with the ability to turn it off at home.

3. Boldness—the desire is so great he demonstrates a large amount of boldness, such as hitting the water hard.

4. Trainability and intelligence—they will be quick to learn and love to work while training and hunting birds.

5. Marking—they will demonstrate a good focus

6. Natural pointing—holding point as soon as the location of the bird is found, with strong scenting ability. British Labradors will not have this trait.



We have three kennel facilities. Our first kennel is located on 7 acres with our back yard the largest lake in Iowa. Our second kennel sits on 12 acres. The newest kennel built in 2016 on 40 acres next to our first is the state of art facility for puppies and dogs that is equipped for the coldest and warmest days in Iowa. We are also licensed by the state of Iowa for our breeding program.


Our 26-month guarantee demonstrates the confidence we have in these pups. If you're unhappy for any reason you will be able to apply the purchase price to another pup as soon as we receive the pup/dog back at our kennel. The puppy-registered name must start with our kennel name Iowa Pointing Labs. The cost of shipping back the pup to Iowa Pointing Labs and shipping and handling the new pup to you is the customer's responsibility. If the pup has been bred or sold to another person this guarantee is void. If the pup/dog died for any reason other than from my kennel, this guarantee is void. 

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